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How to convey your message to another person in a different way?
Action, Reaction,… etc.,
“Make it on Image” 😃

What is Visual Design?

By visual design, we also mean ‘brand’ or ‘graphic design’, which is the process of adding aesthetics to your design. Aesthetics in this case means literally “how it looks and feels”. But this is a lot more than just adding pretty colours; there are several important things you should keep in mind.

Describes what you use for writing text: body text, headlines, and buttons. This includes things such as font, text sizes, and colours

Are something you can use to draw attention to or categorise items, and colour schemes are also important for your branding

Image styles
Are really important for the look and feel of your page. So are you using, for example, photography or a cartoon image?

Spaces, shapes, and lines
Are ways to construct and visually divide your page and can help add clarity or emphasis

Are icons you can use for menus, user actions, or content categories — these should be familiar visual cues to help a user

Finally, branding is important. What is the message that you’re trying to convey? You may be creating a brand from scratch, updating one or working within existing ‘brand guidelines’; each of which is a different challenge in how you approach the above.

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