Figma Update 2023 – Config

Unveiling Advanced Prototyping, Dev Mode Playground, Figma Auto Layout, and Variable Playground


Welcome to an in-depth exploration of the highly anticipated Figma Update 2023. This update introduces a suite of powerful features and enhancements that redefine the design experience, enabling designers and teams to prototype, collaborate, and streamline their workflows with greater efficiency and flexibility. Let’s take a closer look at each of these exciting updates.

Advanced Prototyping:

Figma’s Advanced Prototyping feature takes design interactivity to new heights. With this update, designers gain access to a comprehensive set of prototyping capabilities, allowing them to create rich and immersive experiences directly within the Figma platform. From intricate transitions and micro-interactions to interactive user flows, designers can now prototype complex interactions with ease. The Advanced Prototyping feature eliminates the need for external tools, streamlining the design process and saving valuable time.

Dev Mode Playground:

The Dev Mode Playground is a groundbreaking addition to Figma’s collaboration toolkit. This feature enhances the collaboration between designers and developers, facilitating a seamless handoff process. Designers can create and share interactive prototypes with developers, enabling them to inspect and extract CSS properties, inspect code snippets, and explore design details directly within Figma. The Dev Mode Playground fosters effective communication, ensuring accurate implementation of designs and reducing friction between design and development teams.

Figma Auto Layout:

Figma Auto Layout receives significant enhancements in the 2023 update, further empowering designers to create responsive interfaces effortlessly. The refined Auto Layout feature provides increased control and flexibility, allowing components and elements to adapt and resize based on available space and content. Designers can easily design responsive interfaces that automatically adjust to different screen sizes and orientations. Auto Layout simplifies the design process, maintains consistency across multiple devices, and reduces the need for manual adjustments.

Variable Playground:

The Variable Playground is an exciting addition that expands design flexibility and efficiency within Figma. With this feature, designers can experiment and iterate quickly by utilizing variables to create design variations. Designers can adjust variables and instantly see the changes propagate across multiple instances, enabling rapid exploration and customization. The Variable Playground empowers designers to create dynamic and adaptable designs, encouraging creativity and facilitating efficient iteration.


The Figma Update 2023 brings a wealth of innovative features and enhancements that revolutionize the design experience. The Advanced Prototyping feature enables designers to craft immersive experiences directly within Figma, eliminating the need for external tools. The Dev Mode Playground bridges the gap between designers and developers, streamlining collaboration and ensuring accurate implementation. Figma Auto Layout enhances the creation of responsive interfaces, and the Variable Playground introduces a new level of flexibility and efficiency to the design process.

By leveraging these powerful updates, designers and teams can unlock their full creative potential, streamline workflows, and enhance collaboration. Embrace the transformative capabilities of Figma Update 2023 and elevate your design process to new levels of productivity and innovation. Happy designing!

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