Good Icons Assets for your next design project

Get your icon Assets for free and unique

  1. — Icons
  2. — — Multiple types of icons in one Website
  3. — Get icons
  4. — Get icons
  5. — Pixelarticons — 480 open-source line pixel-art style icons, in one color and made with a 24x24px grid by
  6. — Apple IOS icons with PNG
  7. — Get icons SVG
  8. — Material symbols — Google icons
  9. — Feathericons — Get icons SVG
  10. — Roundicons — 45,000 icons The world’s biggest icon bundle Commercial use icon packs library made for apps, websites, infographics and prints
  11. — Streamlinehq — Customise 140,000+ vector graphics, and add them to your projects in seconds ⚡️ — Stock icons — Free
  12. — Lucide — Beautiful & consistent icon toolkit made by the community. — Useful for developers also
  13. — The icon of — Collection of 1100+ pixel perfect icons suitable for any kind of project now available as a plugin for Figma.
  14. — Majesticons — Outstanding icons for quality design work. Majestic-looking iconset with 720 free MIT License icons in two styles. Carefully crafted with and for Figma. Change stroke width, corner radius, and colors easily.
  15. — Eva icons — Eva Icons is a pack of more than 480 beautifully crafted Open Source icons for common actions and items. Download our set on the desktop to use them in your digital products for Web, iOS, and Android.

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