How to learn Google UX Design Course coursera Certificate (Full 7 Courses)

👇 This guide provides a comprehensive resource for obtaining the Google UX Design Certificate for free. It also provides an in-depth breakdown of the 7 courses, including a detailed week-by-week and module-by-module explanation of each course. With my personal insights and suggestions, the guide is tailored to help readers focus on key areas during the course.

You’ll learn how to complete the design process from beginning to end, including Empathizing with users; Defining user pain points; Coming up with ideas for design solutions; Creating wireframes, mockups, and prototypes; Testing designs through usability studies; Iterating on designs based on feedback.

Title for each course:

  1. Foundation of user experience (UX) Design
  2. Start the UX design Process: Empathize, Define, and Ideate
  3. Built wireframes and low-fidelity prototypes
  4. Conduct UX Research and Test Early concepts
  5. Create high-Fidelity Designs and Prototypes in Figma
  6. Responsive Web Design in Adobe XD
  7. Design a user experience for social Good & prepare for jobs

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