Imagining the Future of Adobe and Figma Integration

Over a year has passed since we first announced the acquisition, and while we’ve discussed the potential future extensively, we haven’t visually demonstrated it yet. Therefore, in collaboration with Scott Belsky and the Adobe team, we have let our imaginations run wild to explore the “what ifs” of this partnership. Here are some of our creative ideas that we’d like to share with you:

  1. Firefly + FigJam Imagine transitioning effortlessly from sticky notes to storyboards. Currently, comprehending user journeys can be somewhat dry and requires a lot of imagination. In the future, everyone will be eager to engage and collaborate on them.
  2. Linked Assets What if all our creative universes were interconnected? You could take an asset created in Adobe Substance 3D, insert it into a product mockup in Figma, and the linked asset would always stay up to date.
  3. Multiplayer in Adobe Picture the enchantment of multiplayer experiences integrated into Adobe’s applications. For example, envision it in 3D design, where one designer works on the model while another fine-tunes lighting or textures. I, for one, would learn 3D much faster if a fellow designer could join me in the file, offering guidance and assistance!
  4. Firefly + Figma Consider a seamless integration of Firefly into your design process in Figma. Think about generating new backgrounds for your assets that align perfectly with the UI’s atmosphere or using generative fill to seamlessly adapt images to fit responsive designs – all without any hiccups.
  5. Figma Prototypes + After Effects What if you could effortlessly transfer a functional prototype of your app directly into your launch video? Many of us make last-minute changes to our products, causing stress for our marketing colleagues. Having these updates automatically reflected in the video would be a game-changing feature!
  6. Theme Editor Imagine a world where your assets in Adobe and product designs in Figma shared a common design system, encompassing color palettes, fonts, and more. Making universal changes to these elements would be as simple as clicking a button. And just think about having access to all the Adobe fonts within Figma!

We have many more exciting ideas to explore, and we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas as well. What aspects of this collaboration are you most enthusiastic about?

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