Ten Designing Web Applications — “Free, Free, Free”

Mindblowing Ten designing tools in web application

Everyone can Design

  1. https://www.flowmapp.com/ — Flowmapp — UI/UX design web application — Free+Premium
  2. https://uxcam.com/ — UXcam — UI/UX Design web application and use for Project manager — Free+Premium
  3. https://icons8.com/lunacy — Lunacy — A great free tool that works on all platforms, has some useful AI features, and collaboration, & can easily edit sketch files too. — Free+Premium
  4. https://origami.design/ — Origami — A design tool made by Facebook (Meta) that provides Extensive prototyping & design features for realistic prototypes. — Free+Premium
  5. https://penpot.app/ — pen pot — An open-source free tool very similar to Figma and gaining popularity after Abobe bought Figma. — Free+Premium
  6. https://marvelapp.com/ — Marvel — A comprehensive toolset of UX & UI design tools from wireframing, to UI, to research, & testing. Everything is on the web. — Free+Premium
  7. https://www.uxpin.com/ — UX Pin — A potent design tool that combines design, prototyping, and integrations with external apps. it also has realistic prototyping. — Free+Premium
  8. https://www.axure.com/ — Axure — A UX design and prototyping tool used by IoT of enterprise customers, that boasts realistic prototyping capabilities. — Free+Premium
  9. https://www.figma.com/ — Figma — Design everything in this Platform — Free+Premium
  10. https://www.visily.ai/ — Visily — AI-based Design Tool for UI/UX design — Free+Premium

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